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All-purpose dispenser proven reliable over years of dependable service.


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Ultra-Standard™ Air Freshener DispenserUltra-Standard™ Air Freshener Dispenser

Non-Proprietary, Professional Strength, Battery Fan Air Freshener Dispenser

Professional Ultra-Standard™ dispensers are the same high quality units used by air freshener route service companies around the world! Battery and electric fan models feature an exclusive “deep pitch” blade for more powerful circulation of odor neutralizer refill. Choose from three models to provide continuous 30-day odor protection in areas from 3,000-7,500 cubic feet. All models feature a one piece durable plastic construction, extra heavy-duty hinge, spill proof tray and optional patented vandal resistant “locking feature”. Holds Air-Savers™, Nature Scent™, Sani-Scent™ and most other non-proprietary refills.

Colors: Almond, Black, Gray, White

Ultra-Standard™ dispenser features and advantages:

  • Completely non-proprietary design, accommodates virtually every refill type.
  • Single D-Cell battery-operated.
  • Rugged one piece durable plastic construction and extra heavy-duty hinge provide years of dependable service.
  • Out-performs competitive products.
  • Choose from several popular color combinations.
  • “Finger hole opening” design makes servicing a breeze.
  • Optional vandal resistant feature and non-spill refill tray reduces liability exposure.
  • Chemically resistant.

Suggested uses:

Use in hundreds of locations including medical facilities, fitness centers, restaurants, office buildings, lodging facilities, nursing homes, day care centers, places of worship, schools, recreational facilities, washrooms, smoking areas, aromatherapy applications – anywhere a more pleasing indoor environment is desired.

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Directions for use:

1. Open front cover. Mark wall through mounting holes in back plate.

2 Drill holes in wall and insert appropriate wall anchors, “molly” bolts or toggle bolts. Fasten dispenser to wall using screws provided or molly/toggle bolts.

3. Insert selected refill according to instructions packed with each case of SurcoTech™ fan freshener refills. Insert “D” size alkaline battery or heavy duty carbon zinc battery (for battery-operated dispensers). Replace cover.

4. Replace refill every 30 days. Replace heavy-duty carbon zinc battery every 30 days. Replace alkaline battery every 60 days.

Ultra-Standard™ instructions packed in each case provide complete installation and service directions.


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