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Control odors at the source in urinals and toilets.

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Drip-O-Matic™ Odor Drip DispensersDrip-O-Matic™ Drip Appliance Dispenser

Control Odors at the Source in Urinals and Toilets

Drip-O-Matic™ drip appliance dispensers reach right to the source of washroom odors to deodorize and clean urinals and toilets while freshening ambient air. Drip-O-Matic™ drip appliance dispensers utilize the time-proven gravity feed wick method for worry-free performance. There are no expensive batteries to replace or complicated timers to set. One liter (34 oz.) bottle holds enough drip fluid to last over 30 days. Use the Drip-O-Matic™ Ready-To-Use Drip Fluid or Westchester™ Ultra Concentrate Drip Fluid.

Patented Drip-O-Matic™ Drip Appliance features and advantages:

  • Integral slide on drip tube fitting speeds installation and eliminates potential for leaks.
  • Ingenious spring-clip tab “locks in” the wick flow rate you choose.
  • Patented vandal deterrent locking feature.
  • Larger 34 oz. bottle capacity ensures a full 30 days of performance.
  • Handy leveling slot makes for a perfect installation every time.
  • “Auto-flow” bottle cap prevents spilling of drip fluid during service.
  • Printed guides on bottle eliminate the need for pre-measuring drip fluid concentrates and water.
  • Includes mounting hardware, tubing and complete instructions.
  • Economical to use.

Suggested uses:

Control washroom odors at the source in medical facilities, fitness centers, restaurants, office buildings, lodging facilities, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, places of worship, recreational facilities, factories, airports, bus and train stations, etc.

Directions for use:

1. Mount dispensers approximately 6” above and to the right or left side of urinal or toilet. Use “molly” anchors in hollow walls when fastening to studs is not possible.

2. Insert forming wire into drip tubing and form to fit under rim of urinal or toilet. Run tubing from the fixture to the drip dispenser slide-on fitting. Secure drip tube to wall with provided clamps.

3. Fill drip bottle with Drip-O-Matic™ Ready-To-Use™ Drip Fluid or Westchester™ Ultra Concentrate and water. Insert bottle into dispenser.

4. Insert free end of drip wick into reservoir tray. In several minutes the wick will begin to gravity feed the drip fluid. Replace cover.

See complete installation instructions included with dispenser.


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