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Use Air-Savers™ in dispensers or as a stand-alone air freshener.

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Air-Savers ™ Terra-Cotta Air Freshener DiscsAir-Savers™ 30-Day Solid
“Organic” Fan Refill/Air Freshener

Unique Multi-Purpose High Performance Refill Discs

Air-Savers™ 30-day solid terra-cotta air freshener discs fit most fan freshener dispensers. Super effective Air-Savers™ offer a significant cost savings over low performance/high cost gels. Air-Savers™ are ideal for hot weather and dry conditions. They make an excellent “stand alone” multi-purpose air freshener, too! Choose from dozens of delightful “standard” or Nature Scent® organic fragrances. Air-Savers™ discs are colored in soft pastel shades to identify the fragrance and individually wrapped to preserve freshness. Optional disc coasters (sold separately) protect contact surfaces.

Air-Savers™ features and advantages:

  • Fits most fan freshener dispensers.
  • Provides effective performance for a full 30 days in fan fresheners.
  • Out-performs all gel refills at a significant cost savings.
  • May be used as a multi-purpose stand-alone air freshener lasting up to 60 days!
  • Proven terra-cotta delivery system provides a uniform release of odor counteractant fragrance, even in hot weather and dry conditions.
  • Choose from a large variety of delightful “organic” fragrances.
  • Individually wrapped in vapor-barrier, permeable plastic to preserve freshness.
  • Economical to use.
  • V.O.C. compliant.

Suggested uses:

Fan freshener dispensers, patient rooms, diaper pails, trash can housings, feminine napkin receptacles, closets, portable toilets, washrooms, janitor closets, pet areas, automobiles, R.V.’s, basements, lodging and health care facilities; place on coaster under beds – anywhere a fresher indoor environment is desired.

Directions for use:

1. Remove Air-Savers™ disc from wrapper. Insert disc onto coaster (sold separately) to protect thermoplastic, painted or varnished contact surfaces.

2. Place disc with coaster (where applicable) into fan freshener dispenser or in areas such as those described in suggested uses.

3. Replace Air-Savers™ discs in fan fresheners every 30 days.

4. Use Air-Savers™ as a “stand-alone” air freshener; replace as desired every 30-60 days.

CAUTION: Do not place on carpet, fabric, thermoplastic, painted or varnished surfaces without optional coaster. See label for complete safety and use directions.


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