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Odor control products and systems for janitorial and maintenance professionals.

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Scatter™ Odor Control Granules
SCATTER™ Granulated Odor
Contains Citronella
Scent Beam™ Diffuser
SCENT BEAM™ Large Area
Odor Control Diffuser
Conrols odors in spaces up to 50,000 cu. ft.
Quiet and unobtrusive
Powerful adjustable speed 12 volt fan
Enz-O-Matic™ Enzyme Waste Degrader
ENZ-O-MATIC™ Enzyme Digester
& Odor Counteractant
200 billion live bacteria cultures per gallon
Quickly digests organic substances
Fresh 24™ Room Freshener
FRESH 24™ Surface Spray
Room Freshener
Unique "vapor wick" method
One application lasts 24 hours
Clean fragrance is widely accepted
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